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K o d a k   P o n y   F l a s h
Kodak Pony Flash

Superficially similar to the Pony IV, these cameras were made in France. The moulding of the top-plate does differ from the US cameras, as does the implementation of the 'Pin & Screw' flash contacts. Unlike the US models, there is no provision on the camera for exposure guides, though there is a holder on the leather case for them. Unfortunately, the sticker which should say Pony Flash on the front of this example is missing.
name: Kodak Pony Flash
lens : Angénieux f/3.5 45mm
shutter : Kodak 1/30-1/250
film type : 135
picture size : 24 x 36 mm
categories: 35 mm
Kodak Pony Flash

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