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Kodak 126 film discontinued

An extract from a press release as originally published on Kodak's UK website, that announced the discontinuation of 126 film.

Kodak To discontinue Manufacture of 126 film by Year 2000
June, 1998

Kodak is announcing that it will stop manufacturing Kodak Gold 126 film, designed for exclusive use in 126 cameras, from 31 December 1999. Kodak Instamatic 126-format cameras, first introduced by Kodak in 1963, have not been sold for many years.

Sara Cummings, Brand Manager for Film, Consumer Imaging, said, "Sales of film in this format have declined at a rate of 30% annually for some time - a fraction of one percent of our film sales are in the 126 format. Recent technological advancements, including the Advanced Photo System and some of the newer 35mm cameras, have eclipsed 126 photography. We would now like to encourage 126 users to move on to other Kodak products, which are just as easy to use but will yield even better pictures."

For further information, please contact:
    Clare Fleerackers
    Public Relations Manager
    Consumer Imaging
    Tel: 01442 844940

Kodak, Gold and Instamatic are trade marks

  index cameras 126 instamatic
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