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K o d a k   I n s t a m a t i c   X - 3 5
Kodak Instamatic X-35

The automatic exposure on this camera is achieved in a slightly unusual manner. As the shutter control is operated, a small aperture opens progressively in the CdS cell window. At the same time a disc containing a series of increasingly larger holes rotates behind the Kodar lens. When the correct size lens aperture is in place for the prevailing light conditions, the rotating disc is stopped and the shutter is allowed to operate. Two focus settings are available, 2-6 feet and beyond 6 feet, flash is provided by Magicube.
name: Kodak Instamatic X-35
produced between : 1970 - 1976
lens : f/8, 41mm
shutter : 1/45, 1/90
film type : 126 cartridge
picture size : 28 x 28 mm
original list price (USD): 48.00
categories: instamatic
Kodak Instamatic X-35

  index cameras 126 instamatic
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