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K o d a k   I n s t a m a t i c   5 6 X
Kodak Instamatic 56X

This camera replaced the 55X. Usually in black and grey, above, I have one in two-tone brown, below, which is probably a rebadged 66X. Whilst both cameras shown on this page were produced in England, I also have a "Camara Instamatic" which was manufactured in Argentina.
name: Kodak Instamatic 56X
produced between : 1972 - 1977
lens : f/11, 43mm
shutter : 1/50
film type : 126 cartridge
picture size : 28 x 28 mm
categories: instamatic
Kodak Instamatic 56X
Kodak Instamatic 56X

  index cameras 126 instamatic
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