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K o d a k   I n s t a m a t i c   1 7 7 X F
Kodak Instamatic 177XF

Superficially similar to many European Instamatics, this Brazilian "camara" differs in one major respect, it has a hot shoe, only the second Kodak Instamatic I am aware of with this feature, the other being the Instamatic 500. Other than that, this model is very similar to the Instamatic 77X. If the camerosity date code is to be believed, this camera was manufactured about the third quarter of 1994, very much later than any European or Rochester-made Instamatic.
name: Kodak Instamatic 177XF
produced around : 1987
lens : f/11 Kodar
film type : 126 cartridge
picture size : 28 x 28 mm
categories: instamatic
Kodak Instamatic 177XF

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