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N o . 1   K o d a k   J u n i o r
No.1 Kodak Junior

The precursor to the No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior, this particular camera appears to be an interim or modified model, having an early Autographic back fitted, which is marked '1-JR Autographic Kodak'. Fitted with an f/7.7 Kodak Anastigmat in a 3-speed Ball Bearing shutter with focus pre-sets on the lens bed down to 8 feet. Interestingly, the film spools in this camera are marked 'Kodak Brownie', not '120', the roll of Kodak Verichrome film on one of the spools being marked '2-Brownie', as well as '120', and extolling the virtues of Kodak Velox paper for the prints.
name: No.1 Kodak Junior
produced from : 1914
lens : various
shutter : Ball Bearing, 1/25, 1/50, B, T
film type : 120
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
quantity made : 33,000
original list price (USD): 7.50
categories: 120, folding
No.1 Kodak Junior

  index cameras 120 rollfilm
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