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K o d a k   6 6   M o d e l   I I I
Kodak 66 Model III

Made in the UK, this little folder is one of my personal favourites. As the film it uses is still freely available, it often gets taken for a walk, the f/4.5 lens in a five speed shutter being more than adequate for day to day scenery and snapshot photos, with a little in reserve for those trickier shots. This camera is slightly better specified than the visually very similar Model II. These two models were the last folding roll-film cameras to be produced by Kodak, the first Kodak folding cameras to use 120 film for about 25 years, and some of the very few to produce a square negative. A few snaps taken with this camera may be seen in my galleries.
name: Kodak 66 Model III
produced between : 1958 - 1960
lens : Anaston f/4.5 75mm
shutter : Velio 1/10-1/200
film type : 120
picture size : 6 x 6 cm
categories: 120, folding
Kodak 66 Model III
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