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Extracts from press releases as originally published on Kodak's websites, that announced the discontinuation of Disc film.

Goodbye to KODAK Disc Film
April, 1997

With the Advanced Photo System helping you take better pictures, and the new range of KODAK GOLD 35mm films offering sharper, more colourful prints than ever before, it is time to say goodbye to KODAK Disc films.

Kodak plans to stop manufacturing Disc camera films at the end of 1998, and to ensure current Disc camera users are aware of this, the company is going to communicate directly with them through packs of KODAK Disc film.

Throughout the latter part of 1997 and all through 1998, boxes of KODAK Disc film will include a leaflet explaining that the film will be withdrawn from sale. At the same time, the leaflet will tell Disc camera users about the Advanced Photo System and the benefits the system offers.

Kodak will be encouraging retailers to continue stocking KODAK Disc films until supply runs out in 1999. Disc cameras have not been sold since 1989.

For further press information, please contact:
    Simon Ewart or Sally Scorer
    Hill & Knowlton
    Tel: 0171 413 3163

Kodak and Gold are trade marks.


ROCHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 24, 1997--Kodak will stop manufacturing film for disc cameras at the end of next year, company officials announced. KODAK GOLD Disc Film--designed for exclusive use in disc cameras--no longer will be made by Kodak as of Dec. 31, 1998. Disc cameras, introduced by Kodak in 1982, have not been sold since 1989.

"Newer photographic technology has eclipsed disc photography, and has given disc consumers better products to choose from," said Gregory Walker, worldwide category manager for Cartridge Film Products, Kodak. "As a result, we would like to help them move on to other Kodak products that will be just as easy to use, but will yield even better snapshots," he stated.

Walker said the company will offer a consumer incentive program to invite disc camera users to switch to KODAK ADVANTIX Camera and Film products. The incentive announcement is planned for later this year.

Kodak is the only remaining manufacturer of disc film, and offers two products: a 15-exposure single pack, and a 15-exposure two-pack. For more information, contact Kodak.

Kodak, Advantix and Gold are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company.
Kodak Disc Film

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