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P a r t y S t a r   K o d a m a t i c
PartyStar Kodamatic

Produced by Kodak for Tupperware, this fixed focus folding camera features an electronic flash. Some cameras were available overprinted "Kodak Courtesy Camera", the example shown below right having been obtained locally from a retired retailer. Despite being a premium item, this camera was still supplied with a three-year warranty from Kodak Limited in the UK.
name: PartyStar Kodamatic
produced between : 1983 - 1984
lens : 100mm , f/12.8
shutter : 1/15 - 1/250 Electronic
film type : HS144
picture size : 67 x 91 mm
categories: instant
PartyStar Kodamatic
PartyStar Kodamatic
PartyStar Kodamatic

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